A Poem for Shavuot

This is a special guest post from my talented Batmitzvah student Tammy Berman. Tammy has always been a lover of writing, so in our sessions we look at poetry, as well as art, music, and most importantly, the original texts – in this case the book of Ruth. I’m very proud of Tammy’s achievements, and was chuffed when she agreed to let me publish this poem as a guest blog.

Chag Shavuot sameach – happy Shavuot!

That Girl I Saw Last Night

Tammy Berman

Her beauty was unmistakable,

Though her hunched figure didn’t do her any good,

Having to forage for scraps in the corners of my field.

That poor girl I saw last night.


The woman who was with her,

Older but not unlike her,

Had a look of desperation or was it sorrow upon her face,

With that girl I saw last night.


As I watched from afar,

I saw her take a glance in my direction.

It was subtle and swift but evident and I’m sure she blushed as our eyes met,

That girl I saw last night.


I went home to think things over,

Her life had seemed a wreck:

No food, nor graceful clothing and, seemingly, no man to be her cover

That girl I saw last night.


I lay there unknowingly of what the girl was about to do,

To rest right by my feet, as I tried to think things through.

No strong man by her side, yet I had this tingling feeling that it was to be

Me, the one who loved and cared for that girl I saw last night.

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